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Virtual UK Residential

The leading players in the UK Resi sector expected on 16th - 18th June

UK Resi Market Leaders

Key discussions on how the sector will move forward and the opportunities that will arise

UK Resi Conference - Virtual

Sector leaders from across the UK will gather to discuss the market


The UK Residential Market - how is it responding?

Tuesday 16th -  Thursday 18th June 

The UK Resi Development Sector meets to discuss how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the market, how it is adapting, and what we can expect in the coming months. Business hasn't stopped by any means, so we look at what is happening. What new opportunities will arise from this and how can we be ready?

Currently large scale gatherings are unable to take place in person for a while, but that doesn't stop people coming together virtually. We have built a fully interactive virtual conference system with presentations, panel sessions, and even more effective chatting and networking options for attendees. 

Join the leading players in the UK Resi & Housing Sector:

  • Organised by LD Events, the European Market leader for ‘Alternative Residential’ Property Conferences
  • Join hundreds of the leading players in UK Residential Property
  • Examining the impact of the Coronavirus on the Residential Development Market
  • Understanding the development market, the housing market as a whole, the lettings market and the build to rent sector.
  • A Look at Future Opportunities across the UK - what has changed and what hasn't?
  • High level networking opportunities with hundreds of the leading players in the UK Residential Development & Investment market
  • Taking place over three days, with live conference sessions each morning and innovative networking sessions afterwards, including live individual face to face and messaging options with all other attendees.

Conference Agenda

Tuesday 16th June – 10am-12pm, followed by networking
(Session Chair: Dominic Grace, Director - Residential Development, Savills)

The Impact of Covid-19 on the UK Residential Market – An Overview
What are we expecting and how will the economic impact affect the market when we do emerge?
What have we learned from previous downturns and shocks and how can we prepare for the upturn?
Understanding the impact on sales values and rents - what is realistic?
What fundamental changes to the market may emerge from the pandemic?
Will the balance of tenures in new developments change, who will the buyers of new homes be and what will they want?
Lawrence Bowles, Director - Residential Research, Savills

Panel Discussion - How can the UK Residential market work together to get through the downturn and emerge stronger afterwards?
How are developers adjusting their operations and businesses?
How can strategies adapt and are changes to the market now long term structural, rather than short term?
What are the issues with mortgages and funding and what needs be done to stop ease this blockage?
What are the realities on the ground with construction, workforce and supply chains. How might this affect output as we move forward?
How are safe working practices evolving on site?
Who will be the buyers post-lockdown and what will they be looking for?
Is it about preserving cash or being more bullish and buying sites?
Is collaboration between the public and private sector now more important than ever?
How is the planning system coping?
How long does each panellist see the situation lasting and what outcomes do we expect?
Dominic Grace, Director - Residential Development, Savills
Jon Di-Stefano, Chief Executive, Telford Homes
Kate Ives, Development Director, Wates

The Funding & Mortgage market for Residential Development – approvals, valuations – without it no route to income so no point in starting production of units
How can we get the mortgage market moving, and with it get the whole sector moving again?
Are banks being overly cautious and what is their view?
The funders view on lending on Residential Development in the current market - hear from our panel
What are they currently lending on?
Where are they lending?
Are they looking for new business or waiting to see what happens?
How are lenders adjusting lending criteria and business models?
How are lessons from the last market crash affecting decisions being made now?
Paul Turton, Head of Sales - Development Finance, United Trust Bank
Hayley Scott, Structured Property Finance, Investec

Planning for Residential Development – An overview of how the system is coping and adapting
How is the planning system reacting to the pandemic? 
What changes have been made, how is it operating, and what else is coming?
Planning Panel
What is happening on the ground and how do panellists feel the system is adapting?
What else will be needed in the longer term to keep the system working to maintain the pipeline of new homes?
Is now the catalyst for the planning sector as a whole to embrace technology and revolutionise planning in the longer term?
What measures are needed to support and maintain housing delivery as we move forward?
How are viability assessments being affected?
Our panel of planning specialists review what they are seeing on the ground with the planning system
Claire Dutch, Partner - Planning, Ashurst
Roger Hepher, Director - HGH Consulting

Wednesday 17th June – 10am-12pm, followed by  networking

Understanding the Housing Market as a whole, including the Second hand market – what is happening with demand and buyer interest for both sales and lettings across the UK?
Why has lettings demand increased recently after an initial slump and what is the significance of this trend?
What geographical trends are we seeing?
Are we likely to see a swift return of sales demand in the market?
Will increased levels of browsing activity during lockdown then lead to more serious intent when the situation improves, and if so where?
Is there going to be a pent up demand and will the lockdown change people's mindset?
If it happens again, where will they want to be living?
Richard Donnell, Research and Insight Director, Zoopla

Residential Investment Market & Build to Rent
What are we seeing the investment markets – are transactions still happening and do investors have contrasting approaches?
Where is the money coming from at the moment?
Where is the Build to Rent Market seeing the most activity?
How will the other 'alternative' residential sectors (Student, Co-Living & Retirement) respond and where might the more niche opportunities lie?
What is happening on the ground with Investor Confidence in the UK market?
Are transactions still happening and are the market fundamentals keeping the investors engaged?
How long do they see this issue lasting and do they expect a strong recovery when it does?
Where is the opportunity
Build to Rent Investor panel to discuss their views and sentiment on the market
Simon Scott, UK Living Capital Markets Lead Director, JLL
Alexandra Notay, Build to Rent Fund Director, PFP Capital
Richard Jackson, Managing Director and Co-founder, Apache Capital Partners
Michela Hancock, Development Director, Greystar

Where is the supply chain for construction and what issues are arising from this?
How complex is it and is this now a big issue, both in the medium and longer term in order to get things rolling again?
Will we see significant unemployment in the construction sector, both amongst contractors and sub contractors?
Will we see some suppliers go bust and how will this affect both the supply chain and warranties?
What is the realistic overall result of all of this on industry capacity?
Social distancing measures that can be used on site – staggering trades, working hours, getting staff to site – health and safety now at the forefront of all operations
Rob Littlewood, Director, Cast Consultancy

How will the Government help the UK Housing market come through this crisis, and keep up much needed delivery? Gov person?
What plans are being made, what should developers be focusing on, and how can the industry as a whole work together to recover?


Thursday 18th June – 10am-12pm, followed by afternoon networking
(Session Chair: Helen Collins, Head of Housing Consultancy, Savills)

The Residential Development Sales Market Insight
Have sales stopped completely and with furloughed staff is there even the workforce?
What reasons are left for a buyer to purchase or is it only if a big discount is available?
Discounts for sales – are they being offered or entertained and at what levels?
Accessing customers - who now needs to move/buy and who will want to move/buy?
Will developments have to be redesigned to incorporate more outside space and more amenities, to attract buyers who may be mindful of a lockdown? 
Will build to rent style amenities for sale units now become more prevalent?
Will size of unit now have to increase and does that make sense anyway if working from home becomes more common?
The Chinese market - what are we seeing with Chinese buyers and how has this been affected?
Nick Whitten, Head of UK Living Research, JLL

Build to Rent Management - what is happening on the ground with Build to Rent assets?
How are more residents in the building, for longer hours, affecting the operational side of the business and how is this being dealt with?
Can the infrastructure cope sufficiently well?
How are income streams being affected and are tenants paying their rent?
What kind of flexibility are operators offering and what can be done to help tenants?
How is social distancing affecting the operational aspect of the assets?
What will be the future for build to rent should the lockdown and social distancing continue and how will the sector adapt?
Will certain locations need more build to rent stock with economic changes?
Nigel Bosworth, Head of Build-to-Rent Operations & Management, Savills
Alastair Mullens, Head of Vertus, Canary Wharf Group
Mary-Anne Bowring, CEO, The Ringley Group
Emily Alexander, Head of Corporate Affairs, getliving

The role of the Affordable Housing Sector in helping the Country through the crisis
What is happening on the ground and how is the sector responding to a difficult situation?
Affordable Housing Panel Discussion
How is the sector planning to keep much needed delivery going?
How are Housing Associations and Local Authorities are the forefront of the recovery and what political encouragement has there been? Is the funding there?
Why is this such an opportunity for the private sector?
Where are the opportunities for the private sector to work with the affordable sector at the moment?
Are partnerships now more important than ever?
What investment is now needed?
Tonia Secker, Partner - Head of Housing, Trowers & Hamlins (Overview)
Clare Miller, Chief Executive, Clarion Housing Group
Helen Collins, Head of Housing Consultancy, Savills
Carl Brazier, Director of Housing & Customer Services, Stoke-on-Trent City Council

Will the Coronavirus pandemic change the Residential & Real Estate sector forever?
Is now the time to embrace technology, innovation, and more flexible lifestyles?
Will this change both the nature and operation of UK & Global Real Estate?
Will technology now change how the industry operates?
Adam Challis, Executive Director, EMEA Capital Markets Research and Strategy, JLL

If you can't make some of these times, this is not an issue, all sessions are then available on demand to all registered delegates.